Outlook Add-In doesn´t start anymore

If an Addin doesn´t load anymore, it´s most likely due to entries in the Registry.

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If you disable an Addin via Outlook´s Add-In dialog, or if you allow Outlook to disable it due to a supposed error, it happens sometimes that the Addin cannot be enabled anymore. This free tool cleans the Registry, which most likely solves the issue.

tip Free download

Download the tool and double click the exe file. Enter the name of the Addin, then click Start.

If it´s a 32bit Addin on Windows 64bit, you´ll find the name of the Addin in the Registry here:

In all other cases you'll find it here:


Outlook Addins

tip The tool expects each name ends with '.connect', and it can only handle those Addins. So enter only the first part of the name without the dot.
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