Edit a Folder View

See how to edit the view settings of a folder.

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Category-Manager Category-Manager
With Category-Manager you can group your Outlook categories, share them with other users, filter a folder by category, automatically categorize new emails, and more. You can use the Addin even for IMAP.

You can comfortably switch the current view via View/Current View. But of course, you can do that also with VBA as this example demonstrates: For the current folder the view is switched to "Simple List". If the view doesn't exist for the current folder, nothing happens.

(The sample works for up to Outlook 2010.)

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Public Sub SwitchView()
  Dim Bars As Office.CommandBars
  Dim Popup As Office.CommandBarPopup
  Dim Btn As Office.CommandBarButton
  Dim ViewName As String

  ViewName = "Simple List"

  ViewName = LCase$(ViewName)
  Set Bars = Application.ActiveExplorer.CommandBars
  Set Popup = Bars.FindControl(, 30124)
  If Not Popup Is Nothing Then
    For Each Btn In Popup.Controls
      If LCase$(Btn.Caption) = ViewName Then
        Exit For
      End If
  End If
End Sub
Determine the "identity" of your emails. Set with SAM the sender and the folder folder for sent items with the help of rules.
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