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Reporter Reporter
VBOffice Reporter is an easy to use tool for data analysis and reporting in Outlook. A single click, for instance, allows you to see the number of hours planned for meetings the next month.

The table lists the date of publication and the most important changes.

  • Fixed: If another message got selected while replying to an email, the draft got deleted. This was subject only to the inline response, Outlook 2013 and 2016.
  • New: The Inline Response feature, introduced with Outlook 2013, is supported.
  • Important: For Outlook 2013 and newer signatures are not supported.
  • New: Address Rules support wildcards now in the Professional version. For instance, enter '@vboffice.net' if the rule should apply for all emails that you send to the domain vboffice.net.
  • New: It's no longer a conflict if two rules of the same type set the same values for the same action.
  • Fixed: Outlook 2010 didn't display the changed SentOnBehalfOfName property.
  • Fixed: Although emails were sent, some remained in the outbox.
  • Fixed: Since the previous version the license file was installed in a wrong directory.
  • Fix: After sending an email an error could occur that the email could not be moved.
  • New: Now search folders are supported by the folder rules.
  • New: You can determine yourself where the rules should be stored. This allows to share your rules with other users.
  • Fix: An error occured when a user didn't have sufficient permissions for an Exchange address list.
  • Fix: The new setting to save emails immediately was not stored.
  • New: By default you get the set sending account displayed in the email.
  • Fixed: For the setting "Send on behalf of" the address book wasn't displayed automatically.
  • New: Instead of the sending account, determine the sender address (send on behalf of).
  • New: When you create an e-mail, SAM can ask you which signature to use.
  • New: Sort category rules by color.
  • New: Easily create a new rule by copying an existing one.
  • New: You can name the rules yourself, and add a comment.
  • Small bug fixes
  • New: Sent e-mails now can also be stored in a public folder of an Exchange server.
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OLKeeper OLKeeper
OLKeeper reliably prevents users from closing their Outlook window and thus possibly missing reminders or e-mails.
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